From managing your supply chain to managing your store, Atlas systems' solution enables you to track and analyze it all.

Track efficiently


Atlas systems' solution ensures that you cut out all the clutter and streamline your organization for maximum results.

Improve capabilities


Automate compliance and other regulatory needs to unlock the full potential of your company.

Amplify success

Manufacturing Industry has been beleaguered with many challenges. It has been subject to global competition, rising cost of manufacturing, lack of skilled labor, managing extended supply chains and so on. HANA changes all this, giving companies more control over their processes and enhances results. However, given the inconsistent nature of this industry vertical, it is imperative for organizations to find the right partner for implementation.


SAP S/4 HANA Simple Logistics is the next step in managing Manufacturing processes more effectively than ever before. Now, these companies can have greater control over their different processes and leverage insights from data that they couldn’t have analyzed before.


With global monitoring and compliance at its peak, manufacturing companies require a safety net that will allow them to evaluate themselves at every step. HANA enables these companies to measure, monitor and track every single business process, so that they can act accordingly and achieve the desired results.


Our biggest differentiator is our engagement model. Atlas Systems's team comprises of very senior level SAP experts and domain specialists. We are easy to work with, have deep domain expertise to quickly understand your challenges and come up with relevant solutions. We are open to flexible engagements including outcome-driven models. In short, we are driven by your success.



Analytics / Reporting

Manufacturers are using Oracle Financials (OF) System with user base of 100 and Revenue Recognition is done outside the OF system with extensive use of Excel Spreadsheets covering 6000 line items of major Financial transactions. This results in time-consuming efforets in data entry and manual reconciliations.

Atlas Systems’s solution is integrated with your entire IT landscape and greatly reduces these efforts, freeing up time and resources to enhance productivity.

Planning and Budgeting

This functionality with Outlook features including comparative reporting of YTD and previous years is not currently available. This puts great strain on manpower to deliver these figures, increasing the chances of error and hampering productivity.


Data-driven Manufacturing Factory

Given today’s leading-edge capabilities, it’s reasonable to envision — and prepare for — a data-driven factory of the future where all internal and external activities are connected through the same information platform. Customers, designers, and operators will share information on everything from initial concepts, to installation, to performance feedback throughout the life cycle. Operators will access materials on demand, collaborate with robots to use them safely and ergonomically, and rely on virtual work instructions presented at the point of use. Assembly lines will output highly personalized products, sometimes in a lot size of one, that contain zero defects.

Internet of Things (IoT)

For industrial manufacturing companies, the next generation of IoT technology should go well beyond real-time monitoring to connected information platforms that leverage data and advanced analytics to deliver higher-quality, more durable, and more reliable products. Before investing in IoT, however, industrial manufacturing companies must determine precisely what data is most valuable to collect, as well as gauge the efficacy of the analytical structures that will be used to assess the data..



Simplify operations

With S4 HANA, one solution accommodates the entire wholesale distribution industry. With the different features and capabilities, managing an organization has never been this seamless before.

Organize, maintain and analyze massive amounts of data and ensure that your organization is optimally productive.

Keep track of all your orders, regardless of the volume, without wasting valuable time and resources. Get a clear picture of your order

Manage suppliers and recover costs from them in cases where they have faulted. Manage configurable orders and large volumes of cash applications.

Optimize resources

Collate, and organize data from different channels such as kiosks, mobile phones, call centres and cloud.

With the time and resources you free up with automation, you can focus on growth, profitability and asset efficiency to increase shareholder value. Flexibility to ramp up and down, pricing and contract terms and conditions. 30-40% Total Cost reduction with our Core Flex Model and AMS Solutions.

Get synergy benefits with SAP S/4 HANA deployment. Projects costs reduced by 20-30% with our S/4 HANA accelerators.

Net Sales Growth by 1% -- 4% and Increase Operating Profit 7% -- 12% - Consumer Products eg. by integrating downstream data to drive increased sales, efficiencies to working capital, and customer collaboration.

Leverage and innovate

Automates several inventory management processes and reduce expenses. Stop waste and abuse by placing limits on quantities, shifts, jobs, or total dollar value spent.

Use your technology better by getting your machines to automatically dispense reconditioned items before new ones.

Do real-time inventory count, with min/max levels that trigger replenishment and use smart computing to get your machines to dispense older supplies before the newer ones.

Our Hybrid Onsite Offshore Model enables you with the resources to coordinate with our global delivery centers and your end users.


  • People who are nimble and agile
  • People who are easy to work with
  • People who listen and get it right the first time
  • People with domain expertise
  • People with high SAP expertise

Customer speak

"Our brief to the Atlas team was to optimize costs of operations using the right mix of inventory and supply chain optimization using technology. Not only they achieved this, but empowered our teams with analytics solutions. Information flows smoother across the organization now."

CXO, Manufacturing company



Given the global tightening of resources, it is imperative that Wholesale and Distribution companies find ways to use SAP to maximise potential and minimise waste. Here is how Atlas Systems can help.


Business Re-engineering

  • Process transformation
  • Thought leadership
  • Strategy & architecture design
  • Organization Design
  • Application footprint rationalization
  • Infrastructure simplification (optimise servers, technology types etc.)

S/4 HANA Integration

  • S/4 HANA implementation
  • Migration from R3 to S4
  • Integration with client's landscape with all the apps and softwares

HANA / SAP Operations

  • Delivery centre maturity
  • Delivery centre improvement
  • Run SAP like factory
  • Application assembly optimisation
  • Ops command centre
  • Look beyond SLAs
  • Innovation council
  • Self-incident management

HANA Analytics

  • CXO dashboards
  • Realtime reports
  • Business insights
  • Business intelligence
  • Customised dashboards
  • User experience
  • Ad-hoc queries

Big Data

  • Machine Learning
  • Consumer insights
  • Predictive computing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Supply Chain Management

Core Flex Capacity model

  • Scale up capacity to meet business needs
  • Skill set building to augment client teams
  • Professional services