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Atlas Systems specializes in Delivery Centre Operations, Maturity & Innovation, Core Flex Model and SAP application services for the Retail industry.


S4 HANA migration, implementation and integration for Retail industry is ramping up and we see the next decade being its implementation phase. With Atlas Systems’ SAP HANA operations and delivery centre innovations, retailers can harness efficiencies by 20% – 30%. Your business will emerge as a more efficient entity with Atlas Systems.


Atlas Systems’ solutions include best practices, application assembly, cell-based factory model, outcome-based projects and continuous innovation. Our solutions all work in tandem to improve operations efficiency and amplify overall productivity from the supply chain to accounts.


Our biggest differentiator is our engagement model. Atlas Systems's team comprises of very senior level SAP experts and domain specialists. We are easy to work with, have deep domain expertise to quickly understand your challenges and come up with the most apt solutions. We are open to flexible engagements including outcome-driven models. In short, we are driven by your success.



Thin Margins

In the Retail industry, the cost of sales and the cost of go-to-market are very high. Our SAP operations and delivery center maturity will help harness efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce the total cost of staffing to improve margins. Our solutions will help optimize 20%-30% of the total cost of IT operations.

Shopper Insights

Leverage our Big Data solution to design and implement shopper visualization dashboards and key drivers for categorical growth in the market. Integrate downstream data to drive increased sales, efficiencies to working capital and shopper collaboration at POS.

Shopper insights can be leveraged to analyze and spot trends, improve segmentation & targeting and to increase sales and promotion effectiveness.



This only gives rise to more heated competition. However, that in turn suggests that there’s a huge opportunity to capture new market share and also, a substantial risk of losing market share to retailers who can execute effective strategies that address social, mobile, and big data.

Catalog Search

With Google regularly updating their search algorithms, it is imperative that brands invest where Google invests, to ensure that their websites and product pages continue to rank high in searches. This makes consumer-generated content all the more valuable on category and product pages.


Social Commerce

The integration of smartphones into our daily lives has transformed how we consume, create, and share content online. This is especially apparent in the evolving path to consumer purchases, where smartphone users read and create tremendous volumes of consumer-generated content (CGC) such as reviews, photos, videos, and social posts. Brands and retailers should integrate this CGC into marketing initiatives to establish an emotional connection with their shoppers. Consumer product photos on social media channels are an especially powerful tool — they can be easily displayed on your website alongside consumer reviews to provide a truly integrated social commerce experience.

Omni-channel Retailing

E-commerce has been steadily growing for several years, and it’s expected to hit $327 billion by the end of 2016, up from $202 billion in 2011. Presently, more brick-and-mortar-focused retailers are stepping up their online game and increasing the percentage of their sales that come from online channels, and web-only retailers have also been growing at an impressive clip. With consumers spending even more time on their mobile devices, and the number of device users worldwide expected to surpass 6 billion by 2020, businesses must quickly adapt to new and constantly evolving realities, or risk being left behind.


Shopping Experience

Retailers have spent these years honing the shopping experience on their websites. But just when they thought they knew their consumers, things are changing again. Consumers demand a seamless shopping experience.

Businesses have long focused on consumers’ engagement with mobile apps and websites. However, the ways consumers use their devices while in-store is an emerging trend that will require brands and retailers to think more creatively about customer interaction.


Delivery Centre Maturity & Optimization

The factory model comprises of continuous requirements, gathering, design sessions, programming, quality assurance & delivery and using a factory assembly model. It is an industrialized approach to application development and maintenance.

This utilizes a virtual application factory platform, enabling ‘industrialization of application services delivery through our global delivery network.

OCC provides real time visibility of operations from integrated Business Process, Application, and Infrastructure to monitor & resolve the incidents proactively.

Insightful Dashboards (concise KPI’s) to detect problems early.

A body that brings in new capabilities, business models and latest technologies to fuel innovation in the organization. This is a complimentary service with our delivery centre improvement solution.

Our solution offers self incident resolution via knowledge management portals, self guiding scripts and avoiding problems.

Application Managed

We offer end-to end SAP application managed services including basis services, database management, operating systems, infrastructure and various SAP applications.

This utilizes a virtual application factory platform, enabling ‘industrialization of application services delivery through our global delivery network.

We provide transition from your existing vendors and offer KT & ramp up quickly via phased transition.

Core Flex

PMO to act as a governing body that manages and tracks support and new project activities

Core Staffing to manage routine activities (such as tickets, service requests, enhancements etc. Allocation of core capacity may change as the demand for activities change (e.g. from tickets to service requests or to enhancements).

OCC provides real time visibility of operations from an integrated Business Process, Application, and Infrastructure to monitor & resolve the incidents proactively.

Flex resources come in the team for specific projects and spike in support demand, joint demand forecast of resources between Atlas and client to identify flex resource requirements enables success of this model.

Core team manages overall knowledge within the team to enable flex resources to ramp up quickly.

Our Solution is a mix of resources located at one or more Atlas GDCs. Our Atlas onsite resources will be located at St Louis, MO and they will manage interactions with GDC. Onsite resources will offer a touch-point with client’s company.


  • People who are nimble and agile
  • People who are easy to work with
  • People who listen and get it right the first time
  • People with domain expertise
  • People with high SAP expertise

Customer speak

"I asked Atlas for their perspective on operationalizing an India Based Delivery Center. Specifically how they could potentially support GTS with maturing. Why? They are smaller and less complex than our larger partners. However, they have built a successful SAP Practice that is serving several large clients."

Sr Director, Large Retail Corporation



Given the global tightening of resources, it is imperative that Wholesale and Distribution companies find ways to use SAP to maximise potential and minimise waste. Here is how Atlas Systems can help.


Business Re-engineering

  • Process transformation
  • Thought leadership
  • Strategy & architecture design
  • Organization design
  • Application footprint rationalization
  • Infrastructure simplification (optimise servers, technology types etc.)

S/4 HANA Integration

  • S/4 HANA implementation
  • Migration from R3 to S4
  • Integration with client's landscape with all the apps and softwares

HANA / SAP Operations

  • Delivery centre maturity
  • Delivery centre improvement
  • Run SAP like factory
  • Application assembly optimisation
  • Ops command centre
  • Look beyond SLAs
  • Innovation council
  • Self-incident management

HANA Analytics

  • CXO dashboards
  • Realtime reports
  • Business insights
  • Business intelligence
  • Customised dashboards
  • User experience
  • Ad-hoc queries

Big Data

  • Machine learning
  • Consumer insights
  • Predictive computing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Supply chain management

Core Flex Capacity model

  • Scale up capacity to meet business needs
  • Skill set building to augment client teams
  • Professional services