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IT Infrastructure Management

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Enterprise Architecture is one of the, if not the, most important management tasks in contemporary business. Ensuring that business, technical, and operational functions align across any organization big or small is no small task, and one that some companies can spend millions on perfecting. 

When you work with Atlas Systems, you get experts that have spent 20+ years helping businesses streamlining all their operations into a lean, agile infrastructure that serves their business purposes and not the other way around. 

Consult with us and learn about how we can manage your IT infrastructure through automation, machine learning, managed service support, and up-to-date security and compliance.



Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Managed Services Support (24x7)

Managed Services Support (24x7)


What does it take for high-quality IT Infrastructure Management?

In the world of customer and patient data, networked connections, and always-on networks, maintaining your ITOps involves more than just managing some servers and applications. 

Security and compliance evolve over time. Sales and customer support become critical touchpoints for your organization. Small costs, amplified over inefficient processes, can cost your business six or seven figures annually.

With Atlas Systems, you get a consulting firm that can help you build and manage your infrastructure for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Optimize your business, make your people more productive, and keep all your data safe. Most importantly, keep the peace of mind you need to focus on your vision.

Infrastructure Management Services

Through our IT infrastructure management services, we help our clients increase efficiency, reduce costs, and bring better flexibility and scalability. We help leverage growth and become more responsive to the ever-changing markets. Our IT infrastructure services are always ready and updated to support the strategic objectives of clients, whether local, regional or global.

Mission Critical: Atlas Systems offers complete management of IT services infrastructure, with activities aligned with the client’s business objectives.

Flexibility: After comprehensively evaluating the client’s environment, we design and implement a complete package of solutions adapted to the specific requirements and demands of each business. It allows our clients to consume and pay only for what they use. Moreover,  this provides the much-needed flexibility in services, competitive advantage and cost savings.

High availability: Our IT infrastructure management services involve integrating technologies and various platforms, ensuring the adoption of best market practices, as per the international certifications. In addition, our infrastructure is designed to support critical environments, with availability levels of up to 99.999%.

Our Solutions:

Environment Management

Atlas System’s environment management services are differentiated by understanding the criticality of IT services for our client’s business. The environments can be hosted in the Data Centers of the client or third parties. Thanks to our extensive experience in mission-critical operations, we take a transparent and proactive stance, focusing on failure prevention, increased availability, and application performance assurance. We combine the experience of engineers who are experts in their field and know the inside-out of technologies with the best market practices in IT infrastructure services, always in accordance with the needs of each client and business unit.

Database management

At Atlas Systems, we understand the critical importance of the client’s data. This is why we ensure the integrity, availability, and performance of access to this data by applications. With a lifecycle management approach, we help create an integrated solution for data storage, protection, and replications. The end goal is to minimize the impact on our client’s business.

Network Management

As a part of network management, we ensure your network infrastructure remains intact and runs smoothly and efficiently. Our objective is to reduce network disruptions, enhance productivity and network security, and provide a comprehensive view of network performance.

IT Governance

At Atlas Systems, we believe that a specific and personalized model is necessary for the success of IT infrastructure management and fully meet the expectation of our clients. To meet these requirements, we make use of the best market practices, such as ITIL and COBIT, while adapting the processes, control and decision-making rights to the reality of each client.


Our primary advantages of the IT infrastructure management services are the following:

  • Knowledge base
  • Reduction of payroll costs
  • IT infrastructure consultancy
  • IT asset inventory management
  • Our engineers are in constant training
  • Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure
  • Systems available and in optimal operation
  • Maintain an efficient and profitable administration
  • Compliance with service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Flexible hours according to your office hours
  • Continuity in the operation of critical IT infrastructure
  • Minimize the impact of incidents on your IT infrastructure
  • Use of key personnel in critical functions of your company.

Why Choose Us?

Best Technology: We constantly update our tools and technologies to the most modern and latest upgrades available in the market.

High Availability: 24×7 availability with no excuse. We provide email, phone and remote support with a dedicated fault ticket management portal.

Outstanding Support: Numerous reviews from our customers showcase their satisfaction in receiving excellent support throughout the project cycle.

Audit Report: Security audit reports, health check reports, incident reports with root cause analysis with updates, suggestions, and a lot more.

Empower your team and streamline the end-to-end IT Operations with the ITOps experts