AIOPS for log analytics

AIOPS for Log Analytics

AIOPS for Log Analytics

Logs produced by various monitoring tools and other software components are simply too many to scan through to make any sense for the IT Services professionals. It takes a very long time to sift through them, making them difficult to use or redundant when trying to resolve service issues. Manually reviewing logs is expensive and hence this is a good candidate for the application of Statistical and AI/ML techniques to identify only relevant log entries which can be flagged off to the Service desk users .

Since each log entry comes from an isolated device or software running on it, it does not usually provide information about the source of the problem. For instance, when new users are unable to connect to an application, the cause of it could be a potential network error, an application issue, or the processing power of a specific server, etc. While the System logs indicate an inability to connect, there is no way to identify the root cause and fix it using the information from a single log.

Hence most Service desk professionals need to review and relate various logs manually and communicate extensively between database, OS, Network, and Application support teams to identify the source of a problem. This results in a long time to resolve an incident and greater service disruption. ML techniques can now be used to identify the critical log patterns preceding an incident and identify the root cause by relating the information from multiple logs and metrics. Knowing the root-cause then helps to fix the problem faster.

AIOPs systems can also ingest metrics information from various tools and software agents, identify anomalous behaviour of any of the system components, and alert service professionals. AIOPS based systems can create Service tickets for the various system flagged incidents and resolve them quickly using automated scripts or playbooks. 

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Our AIOps solution, AInfinity provides the end-to-end solution that uses AI to predict, recommend, and resolve IT operations issues. Built on a strong ML and NLP based platform, the AIOps platform seamlessly automates and orchestrates components of IT.

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