Atlas-Couchbase live webinar

Atlas-Couchbase live webinar

Atlas-Couchbase Live Webinar

Atlas Systems and Couchbase are hosting a live webinar On June 16, Tuesday. The topic for this 60 minutes session is Advanced Resilient Data Architecture in 2020. Rick Jacobs – Technical Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase will be the guest speaker.

The recent events have proved how integrated the global economy really is and the impact local, regional, and global issues have on our shared economy.

The live Atlas Systems-Couchbase webinar presentation will focus on:

  • Current business and economic challenges
  • The technologies that are required to address industry challenges
  • The importance of the underlying data platform: Why NoSQL?
  • The value of NoSQL and Couchbase as the data platform for digital transformation

Rick’s varied background includes experience at many of the world’s leading organizations such as Computer Sciences Corporation, IBM, Cloudera, etc. He comes with over 15 years of general technology experience garnered from serving in development, consulting, data science, sales engineering, and technical marketing roles.

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