Enterprise IT Service Automation – The CIO Watchlist

Enterprise IT Service Automation – The CIO Watchlist

Automation is increasingly acquiring a silver bullet status by virtue of the large number of solutions it has delivered, across industries. The impact and the turnaround achieved is nothing short of dramatic, which in turn is the result of a combination of factors. On one side of the scale, processes have become more efficient, with faster speed and scalability, whereas on the other side, errors and costs have been slashed. This combination, this balance has resulted in automation through Scripting and Machine Learning (Robotic Process Automation) impacting service industries, bringing greater business value. Success in automation hinges on implementation, and CIOs need to lookout for these five crucial aspects to achieve success.

#1 Fitting in automation in the most appropriate operations

Automation, by definition and intent, is suitable for tasks that have direct impact to your revenue streams, customer satisfaction and are repetitive in nature, in addition to being voluminous, since it reduces the time to resolution by nearly 100 times and removes the chances of human errors. CIOs need to identify tasks that require automation; that will bring in speed to the processes without trade-offs in quality, thereby enhancing efficiency. The speed of the usage cycle of automated processes has a direct impact on the ROI, bringing in returns faster.

#2 Priority of processes

It is important to look at the priority of processes. If processes are critical to your business and form the very core of the organizational workflow, then it would be a good candidate for automation. It is highly unlikely that an organization’s most important process in a workflow would be lesser in number, and therefore would automatically fall into the category of high volume.

#3 Process design to enable nesting with other processes at a latter stage

The automation process design should ideally be futuristic. For instance, if a process is part of a larger process like a meta framework, CIOs would look at implementing automation in the simpler processes to begin with. Here, it is critical to rely on designs that will permit the process to fit in as part of a larger and more complex process at a later stage. This will help in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) extending across connected workflows with greater and seamless efficiency.

#4 The need to emerge out of traditional perspectives  

The urge to compare outcomes will be strong. However, it is important to understand that metrics of comparison across traditional perspectives and digital ones, in terms of quantifiable outcomes would be a lot different. Automation is destined to have an overarching effect, impact outcomes in a manner quite different from processes achieved traditionally. CIOs therefore, have their task cut out to be able to discern and quantify results without prejudice, so as to prove effectiveness of automation.

#5 Assets and resources of collaborating organizations

Automation design and development mandates a set of specialized skill sets. The preferred partner for designing and developing automated processes should ideally have the skills and resources to understand your core business challenges, drill deep into existing processes and understand how each process works in combination with other processes. The complex web of processes needs to be understood, in addition to the present or proposed technology planned to be used.  For automation to truly deliver, it is necessary that the automated processes work seamlessly and in tandem with other processes, with retro fit designs to bring about greater compatibility.

Atlas Systems – helping organizations on the fast lane of automation

Our success in automation solutions stems from our experience and knowledge of solving the business problems of industry leading clients of diversified sectors through automation. This led to accretion of knowledge and processes, that complement our superior strategy in designing and developing automated solutions. For us, automation should not be of mere trophy value, but should earn trophies for organizations through improved workflows, better customer satisfaction and better ROI. Our need based design, inevitably looks at scalability and incorporation of smaller automated processes into larger meta designs, that will create significant business value for clients. Client testimonials reflect that figures speak louder than words – our solutions have transformed businesses.

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