The top 7 cloud delusion and advice

The Top 7 Cloud Delusion and Advice

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. Cloud computing services can be private, public or hybrid and can be divided into three categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

Despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing and its positive impact on business, there are some delusion and misinformation around deploying and running applications in the cloud. Below are the top 7 Cloud Delusion & common misconceptions that CIOs should look out for

Below are the top 7 Cloud Delusion & common misconceptions that CIOs should look out for

1Cloud always saves money:

Financial considerations is always a part of an IT decision process, In general the delusion about the cloud is that it always saves money. While this is sometimes the case, there are many other reasons because of that organization migrate to the cloud, Ex: agility.
Gartner’s 2014 CIO survey shows that cost savings account for only 14% of the reasons for organizations’ use of the public cloud.

Advice: We shouldn’t assume that we will save money unless we have analyzed the situation. Looking beyond cost issues & keep doing analysis on ever changing market and price is a good idea. We shouldn’t assume that operating expenditure (opex) is always better than capital expenditure (capex).

2Cloud users can steal each other’s data:

Shared Resources is one feature that defines cloud computing. Cloud providers help users from different data centers to share resources. People may think it’s easy for one user to steal another user’s data.

Advice: Virtualizations feature strong barrier between users within a single data center. Though virtual machines have the same server, they are still isolated from one another. If you are still worried, choose cloud providers that keep away VLANS in order to keep your neighbours away from your network.

3Cloud will benefit all applications & assignment:

Cloud can be a great fit for many applications & assignment however it is not the case always. The cloud fits where business has the ability to consume and pay for only what is needed when needed. Unless there are cost savings, moving a traditional application might not be a great idea.

Advice: We shouldn’t assume that cloud will benefit to all assignment uniformly. Analyzing applications on a case-by-case basis would be a better idea & it will also help in proposing relevant solution.

4“Management Said “cloud is the strategy”:

Many companies don’t have the answer about why they opted “cloud strategy“. Often By default answer is that they are just doing what their management want.

Advice: It is completely fine to have a cloud strategy however it should be mapped with business goal.

5You cannot control where your data is stored in the cloud:

The delusion is if you own a global business, your data migrates around the world. Unless you setup private data centers in different countries, the local cloud provider decides where your data lives.

You can control where your data stays or travels through a good provider. Depending on which country you live in, you may have to follow the local data security regulations.

Advice: A good provider is always transparent about where your data lives. Instead of having wrong perception, hire a provider who operates data centers in different countries, as they would know the local regulations well and also meet your transparency demands.

6Cloud computing environment is an easy target for attackers:

Again misconception is that two similar servers are prone to the same potential vulnerabilities, irrespective of their location, whether they are in an private data center or in public cloud computing data center. The security of your data is less dependent on the machines and more dependent on the security position of the data center.

Advice: We should connect with a cloud providers who must prove their ability to protect client data in order to stay in the business for long. You may also want to hire an outside provider with good security expertise and reputation.

7Cloud and data center outsourcing strategies are same:

Assuming Cloud decisions is about shutting down data centers and moving everything to the cloud is one of the latest delusion these days. A cloud strategy can’t be compared with data center strategy. We need to have data center space for things not in the cloud and, if we move things out of the data center, there are ramification. Data center strategies are not synonymous with the cloud.

Advice: Cloud and data center outsourcing strategies are related but they are not the same thing. We need to link cloud and data center strategies & consider cloud decisions on a workload-by-workload basis.

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