Top 10 QA trends for 2016

Top 10 QA trends for 2016

Most people purchase Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with the same expectations as purchasing a new car. Just like the new car, the application should be sleek and clean, and drive effortlessly off the lot.

When we buy SaaS isn’t it true that we are purchasing a product that is fully tested and ready to use? In many cases yes – just as no one expects their new car to spontaneously combust the moment the tires hit the street. SaaS is no longer a standalone concept however: it is part of a much broader ecosystem of software.

As these software ecosystems grow increasingly complex, the challenges that loom over a SaaS implementation become abundantly clear: How do you integrate the SaaS program into your software environment? How can the program be customized to fit your specific enterprise needs?How do you properly maintain the program to keep it usable? Finally, what are the testing needs?

There are several elements on your SaaS that require testing within your enterprise’s software environment. I went through different sources to find the trends for 2016 which includes secondary research like, webinars, publications, industry based research studies along with different blog of IT leaders’ real world experience and found these top 10 QA trends as major priorities to plan for during 2016.

  • Compliance Testing: Testing done to find the deviations from the company prescribed standards.
  • Mobile Testing: This is critical for company using multiple devices
  • Cloud, SaaS and Big Data: cloud migration require specialized skills
  • Security Testing: With security breaking on the rise, application level testing are very important
  • Testing Center of excellence: 1/4th of global IT companies now operate TCoEs
  • Agile development & Testing: More company are using Agile development methods
  • Return to onshore QAT: Companies are reducing reliance on offshore testing partners specifically to IT healthcare domain
  • Test specialization: Career path for Testers becomes specialized
  • Testing tool innovation: Open source & commercial products enhances testing efficiency.
  • QAT spending increases: IT organizations are projected to spend 29% on QAT by 2016

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