What’s new in Oracle Database 20c?

What’s new in Oracle Database 20c?

What’s new in Oracle Database 20c

The latest annual release of the world’s most popular database, Oracle Database 20c, is available for preview on Oracle Cloud (Database Cloud Service Virtual Machine).

Oracle Database 20c introduces key new features and enhancements that further extend Oracle’s multi-model converged architecture with the introduction of Native Blockchain Tables and more performance enhancements such as Automatic In-Memory (AIM) and a binary JSON datatype.

Starting with Oracle Database 20c, the installation of non-CDB Oracle Database architecture is no longer supported.

The New Features List of Oracle 20c Database for DBAs: –


  1. Blockchain tables
  2. SQL_MACRO instead functions
  3. Expressions in Parameters
  4. Multiple Datapump enhancements
  5. PDB Point in Time recovery
  7. SecureFile Lob online defragmentation
  8. Namespace integration with Nest for CDB/PDB


  1. Data Guard Broker Far Sync Instance Creation
  2. Standby CDB Continuity
  3. Active data guard – result cache in standby


  1. Clusterware REST API
  2. Pluggable Database Cluster Resources
  3. Remote GIMR Support for Oracle Standalone Clusters
  4. Support for Deploying Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) into a Separate Oracle Home
  5. Cache Fusion Hardening
  6. New Datatype “JSON”


  1. Oracle ASM Flex Disk Group Support for Cloning a PDB in One CDB to a New PDB in a Different CDB
  2. Enable ASMCA to Configure Flex ASM on an Existing NAS Configuration
  3. Oracle ACFS File-Based Snapshots

Performance Troubleshooting

  1. Index Optimization
  2. TAC – Reset_sessions service attribute
  3. Planned failover with TAC


  1. Force Upgraded Password File to be Case Sensitive
  2. SYSLOG Destination for Common Unified Audit Policies
  3. Unified Audit Policies Enforced on the Current User
  4. Unified Audit Policy Configuration Changes Effective
  5. Ability to Set the Default Tablespace Encryption Algorithm

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