Cloud Migration and Management

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Cloud Migration and Management

Count on the experts at Atlas Systems to support your Cloud Migration

Whether you are 100% on-prem, on a private cloud, or a hybrid, chances are you are looking to a cloud platform that can support data transparency, security, and app development for internal and external stakeholders. 

Atlas Systems can help you realize your cloud transformation with expert migration and management services. We can support moving your data to COTS deployments (like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, and IBM Softlayer) and multi-cloud environments with a full suite of management and consulting services. And, we’ll do so with care and testing to ensure that your data and infrastructure remain intact.

End-to-End Cloud Migration Solutions Ensure Seamless Moving to the Cloud

Atlas has decades-long expertise in providing end-to-end cloud migration services. We ensure a seamless cloud migration regardless of whether you are shifting to the cloud, seeking a hybrid approach, or switching between providers. We aim to enhance productivity and mitigate your company’s expenses and requirements of physical resources.

With Atlas Systems, you’ll get hassle-free cloud migration. We adhere to our methodologies and approaches that aid us in building the ultimate solution following your organization’s requirements. Let us help you build & execute a cloud migration plan with our cutting-edge strategies.

Migrate Securely to the Cloud Without Any Business Disturbance With Atlas Systems

We emphasize reducing the downtime and enhancing the economies of scale by deriving the Aspire Cloud Migration Enabler (ACME) to initiate the cloud adoption most effectively. The quality of good cloud migration services is that it gives you thorough insights and reviews of the company’s objectives and helps structure and build the roadmap. It also aids your organization in rebuilding and re-architect the application.

Is your application running on the cloud or on-premise?

It doesn’t make any difference because new challenges often arise for your organization that you may need to overcome. But Atlas Systems’ personalized consulting services and solutions are available 24X7 to tackle your cloud migration challenges. We build customized business strategies and well-formulated plans to strategically accomplish your organization’s objectives.

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Application Migration

Application Migration

Cloud Platform Support

Cloud Platform Support

Cloud Application Support

Cloud Application Support

Why Switch From On-Premise to Cloud the Better Idea?​

When you switch from on-premise to the cloud, you get access to a plethora of benefits, including security, cost-effectiveness, connectivity, accessibility, and much more. Switching to cloud computing enables a large-scale organization at a lower cost with improved service quality. It takes your company ahead of the curve and strikes exponential growth.  The cloud is the future. From advanced security and access, cloud migration gives your company the kind of flexibility and resilience it needs to respond to the challenges of the modern world.

With the cloud, you get access to enterprise-level computing and applications at a fraction of the cost. Businesses large and small can mobilize best-in-class tech to save money, generate real value.

Cloud Management

Our Strategic & Seamless Cloud Migration Process

Atlas is considered one of the best cloud migration services providers, enabling you to experience the power of cloud servers. We create a cloud migration plan by conducting a cloud readiness assessment that facilitates in-depth analysis. We evaluate the infrastructure, server configuration, and current workloads. Subsequently, we formulate the customized migration plan.

Are you ready to move your application to the cloud? It may enhance your business’s global reach, standardization, and acceleration. Let’s commence the cloud migration journey together.

Our Cloud Migration Services With Strategic Plan

Without systematic strategic planning, cloud migration is a hard nut to crack. The formation of strategy varies with the complexity of your environment. While crafting strategies, there are several things that one needs to consider, and we know all the ins & outs of cloud migration. Let’s check out our migration strategy that encompasses six significant stages:

Re-hosting: The movement of existing virtual and physical servers to the cloud seamlessly without making significant changes to the architecture. It is also known as shift and lift.

Replatforming: The movement of an application to the cloud along with optimization is called re-platforming. For example, moving self-hosted infrastructure to managed services.

Repurchasing:  Getting access to the cloud in a jiffy and involving all the changes to the pre-existing license model.

Refactoring: It’s about modifying an application to unfold the benefits of Saas and PaaS to mitigate the cost.

Retaining:  We retain a few on-premise solutions, which are quite advantageous. It is usually done when you receive the depreciation value before migration.

Retiring: At times, unused apps are clubbed together with some dependent applications, aiming to reduce costs.

How Atlas Systems Helps?

With over two decades of experience in cloud migration services, Atlas Systems has helped deliver friendly and time-saving cloud solutions to a varied range of customers.

In addition to our tried and tested, proven methods, here are some ways through which we help businesses restructure their business processes.

  • Developing roadmap, strategy and executing journey to cloud re-architecting, re-platforming and operation support for databases and applications.
  • Round-the-clock support in all stages of the cloud migration process.
  • Minimizing error and glitches through addressing migration requirements and addressing infrastructure needs

Looking for Certified Cloud Practitioners? Unleash the Power of the Cloud With Us!!

Seamless migration to the cloud demands knowledge, experience, and skills. You are no longer away from our professional cloud expert team. We are the leading cloud migration solutions provider, helping businesses transfer from on-premise to cloud or data center to cloud smoothly. Let us deliver the best cloud migration solutions to your organization and help you achieve your goals successfully.

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