Do you know the direction in which database management is developing?

Concepts in database management hardly fall in the category of come-and-go, as the cost of shifting between technical approaches control managers and designers. What are the current trends in database management? We did some secondary research by going through multiple research studies, articles, case studies & webinars. After speaking to multiple database experts like DB admin, DB Manager, IT director we found several trends in database management.

Focus on security has increased:

Any organization that stores data is a risk. It is important for Database administrators to work hand-in-hand with their IT security colleagues to ensure all enterprise data remains safe. Database administrators must work with the security team to get rid of potential internal weaknesses that could make data vulnerable that include issues related to network and Hardware or software misconfigurations.

Mechanized management:

Mechanized database management is another emerging trend. The set of automated tools & techniques aim to simplify maintenance, patching, updates and upgrades & project workflow. However, the trend may have restricted benefits since database management frequently needs human interruption.

Databases in the cloud:

Organizations keep pushing their business into the cloud & carefully weighing the trade-offs associated with public versus private. How to combine cloud services with existing applications and infrastructure is a big task. Providers of cloud service offer many options to database administrators to make sure that organizational priorities are constant & help in meeting organisation goals

Databases that bridge SQL/NoSQL:

The latest trends in database products are those that bridge SQL and NoSQL, giving users the best capabilities offered by both. This includes products that allow users to access a NoSQL database in the same way as a relational database, for example.

Big data:

Big data refers here is the ability to process any type of data Like semi-structured and unstructured data as well as structured data.

Business intelligence:

Currently, we are looking at ways to extract information from the data. That’s what BI does.
BI is not new – it has been important for years and it continues to be so. However, the number of acquisitions/mergers/purchases/takeovers this year tells us that this is a time of consolidation and expansion in BI.

Projects involving databases should not be viewed only on how they stick fast to these trends. In case you want to implement any of the above trends within your organization then strategic outsourcing with a database management services partner such as Atlas Systems could be the best option.

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