The Atlas Experience

Our team members love to talk about their Atlas work – because they feel supported and appreciated in the Atlas family. Hear what some of our colleagues are saying about The Atlas Experience.

Rajita Nair

Rajita Nair – Vice President

“I have been a part of the Atlas family for more than three years, and it has been an outstanding experience. The company has offered me various opportunities to broaden my knowledge, and the guidance and encouragement provided by the leadership team have been crucial to my continued success.

“I am grateful for the support extended by the leadership team. This includes the exceptional managers I have had the pleasure of working with, my colleagues, and all those affiliated with the organization. It has been an honor to be a part of this team, and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Anwar Shaw – System Operation Engineer

Anwar Shaw – System Operation Engineer

“I am proud to represent Atlas Systems. The organization defines my value and believes in my visions. The learning here is great, and it’s helping me to progress in the right direction. Thank you, Justin Kent, for your tremendous support in my career growth and development.

“Special thanks to our CEO, Venugopala Chalamala, for all the guidance. I appreciate that the Atlas family is providing me the opportunity to be a part of such a great team.”

Dana J. Sc hiavone – Corporate Administrator

Dana J. Sc​hiavone – Corporate Administrator

“I began my career with Atlas in March 2007. It is with great pride and a sense of accomplishment that I share this joyful milestone with my Atlas Family! Atlas has provided me with many opportunities over the years to grow both professionally and personally.

“I would like to extend a special word of thanks and gratitude to Atlas Founder and CEO, Mr. Venugopala Chalamala. His clear, calm, and consistent leadership, as well as his continuous encouragement, has made it possible for me to continue to move forward.”

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