How can businesses harness the power of AI – including GenAI and AIOps – for their own specific challenges and needs?
How can they develop a vision of AI as an integral part of their success – today and tomorrow –not just a shortcut to write an email here and there?

How can they develop a vision of AI as an integral part of their success – today and tomorrow –not just a shortcut to write an email here and there?

Atlas Systems has been a step ahead of the AI revolution since 2019, when we launched our AI-powered data platform (AInfinity®) and began to weave AI tools into our products and services. We have combined AI with our 20-year focus on driving success for individual clients – a commitment to surfacing the underlying needs of businesses and creating just the right combination of technology and process to take enterprises to the next level.

Unleashing the power of enterprise datas

Taking advantage of partnerships with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Atlas helps enterprises transform their in-house data into a crucial asset – by integrating these previously siloed data streams into a modern data platform and make the data ready for AI and advanced analytics. Atlas takes a three-step approach to helping clients get the most out of GenAI:

  • Discovery & ideation:
    To define your objectives, challenges, and needs, Atlas conducts stakeholder interviews and envisioning workshops—revealing opportunities, pain points and prioritizing goals for your AI adoption.
  • Proof of concept:
    Atlas collaborates closely with in-house teams to develop use cases and create a proof of concept – enabling you to get hands-on experience, validate benefits, and assess technology feasibility. The result is a clearer understanding of the real-world possibilities and how to achieve them.
  • Implementation:
    Atlas helps put your GenAI plans into action, finalizing a roadmap and assembling the technology you need to make AI work for you.

Reaping the benefits of GenAI

Atlas has already leveraged this three-step process to create tailor-made AI solutions for clients, as well as enhancements to its own platforms. We have helped:

  • A leading wellness and consumer products company make better product and marketing decisions by capturing more insights from their global consumer research efforts
  • A major health insurance provider assure greater accuracy in its provider network data by auditing and correcting validation calls from their call centers in real-time

  • A leading private equity firm improve productivity and drive intelligent automation in everyday activities, from expense processing to fielding employee queries to HR

  • A world-leading hospitality chain lay the groundwork for broad-scale AI adoption by moving its data to an advanced cloud platform and apply AI to accomplish humanly impossible task to read through several thousands of legal contracts and flag unacceptable clauses to assess risks and remediate while acquiring another global hospitality chain.

Bringing AI benefits to ITOps

Since the launch of our AIOps platform in 2019, Atlas has been at the forefront of using AI to enhance reliability and operational efficiency in IT operations. Atlas AIOps can easily ingest log data from devices and monitoring applications, identify anomalies, predict issues, identify root causes, and recommend solutions.

Atlas AIOps leverages a proprietary knowledge base built from years of IT operations experience and including detailed information on common and OEM-specific errors. Additionally, Atlas AIOps continuously enhances this knowledge base by systematically documenting all manual resolution logs – ensuring that this valuable information is available to solve future problems.

A center for innovation and problem solving

At the heart of Atlas’s AI practice is its AI Lab – a hub of expertise and technology where our experts bring AI’s unique benefits to resolving clients’ key business issues and exploiting opportunities. By working together in the same space, our team is able to brainstorm and innovate with unmatched agility – bringing you an accelerated AI adoption process that includes workshopping, concept testing, and full implementation.

Unique benefits of GenAI

GenAI by Atlas makes the benefits of AI accessible to a wider range of companies and addresses critical skill gap challenges – working well on its own or in combination with traditional AI. GenAI can:

  • power intelligent app experiences involving text, data, voice, video, software codes, and more

  • get trained on your enterprise data and generate new content with similar characteristics

  • bring increased cost savings through productivity improvements and enhance revenue generation opportunities.

Atlas brings the latest GenAI advancements and knowledge to bear on your unique business problems – helping you transform this opportunity into extraordinary change and success for your enterprise.


Sam Murali- Chief Partnership Officer

Sam Murali
Chief Partnership Officer

Harish Ramakrishnan
Head of India Operations


Sam Murali- Chief Partnership Officer
Sam Murali
Chief Partnership Officer

Harish Ramakrishnan
Head of India Operations


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