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We Help Eliminate Outages & Inefficiencies for Healthcare Service Providers

The healthcare sector includes all organizations that provide medical services, medical insurance, manufacture medical devices, provide medicines, or promote medical care to patients.

Atlas Systems is at the forefront of developing innovative, cost-effective, personalized solutions for healthcare providers. Our modern healthcare IT managed services help hospitals and healthcare professionals to improve patient care by implementing the most effective technological solutions.

These healthcare IT solutions can be implemented in multiple areas of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Combinedly, these technologies guarantee the entire functioning of an innovative ecosystem, allowing the transformation of the journey of doctors, patients, healthcare service providers, hospitals, and clinics.

We offer IT support for healthcare that encourages organizational transformation and automation of repetitive processes, management and control of supplies, administration and support in decision-making, and billing and purchasing processes. In addition to managing the hospital environment, we also provide various solutions combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning that support doctors in treating patients. These solutions can help doctors diagnose, anticipate complications, and reduce cases of IT risks.

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Five Challenges for Healthcare Providers

  • Cloud migration and management
  • Consolidating Software Spending
  • High availability of data, robust backup
  • Protection from unauthorized access, adequate data security, and breaches
  • Compliance with regulatory frameworks such as the United States Health Insurance
  • Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the CSF of the HITRUST Alliance

We Create Space for Optimal Healthcare

Healthcare service providers that constantly transform their organization digitally and rely on modern IT solutions make their workflow more efficient and improve their treatment quality.

There are several arguments in favor of digitization in healthcare – we have the solutions.

  • Increase in patient/customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of costs and relief for your staff
  • Focus on patient care and more efficient administration
  • Efficient and comprehensive protection of your IT and data
  • Strengthening of your IT structure in regular operation and in times of crisis

Advantages of Partnering With Managed Service Providers for Healthcare Organizations:

Guaranteed Response Times

Regarding the delivery of healthcare services, consistent uptime and availability can be crucial issues. At Atlas Systems, we guarantee shorter response time and support lines available 24 hours a day.

If some technical issue emerges in the middle of the night, you need not worry about an in- house IT expert taking too long to answer the phone or not being able to come in.

Better Business Continuity Plans

Healthcare providers risk their practice when their IT team can’t help them recover from an outage or natural disaster. A comprehensive business continuity plan is an absolute necessity when it comes to the healthcare business. You cannot afford to lose all your valuable medical data in a disaster.

At Atlas Systems, we help maintain HIPAA (or GDPR/NIS) compliant offsite backups and contingency systems to avoid sudden regulatory or customer retention issues.

MSPs Increase Practice Efficiency

Recruitment in the healthcare industry is usually a tedious process. Healthcare IT solution providers can help set up, secure, and support high-tech solutions that reduce staffing woes. Healthcare providers can utilize enterprise resource planning software, automation, and database management to reduce human error and increase operational efficiencies.

Our Health Care Development Services

Healthcare IT consulting

At Atlas Systems, we are among the leading and fastest-growing managed service providers. From concept to product design, software development, and post-launch, we work with a focus on innovation and regulatory alignment.

Analytics & Digital Transformation

Our digital and analytics services help design and develop key platform components for healthcare providers to integrate data with seamless workflows. In addition, we also deliver better outcomes thanks to predictive analytics solutions.

Application Development Services

We provide the best healthcare mobile app development services with an experienced team of medical app developers. Our tailor-made application development process includes a blended approach to develop the right solutions for healthcare providers, enabling great results. In addition, our competent team provides comprehensive healthcare industry solutions to meet business requirements quickly.

IT Infrastructure Management

Our IT infrastructure management services for healthcare organizations provide a way to use facilities, track, manage effectively, and store resources, networks, IT resources, security systems, and various other processes from one central location.

Managed Cloud

Our managed cloud service builds a bridge and brings together people, processes, and technology to optimize healthcare cloud initiatives.

Software Lifecycle Management

Our software lifecycle management service combines digitized procurement and asset management for enhanced business value.

Get the IT Solutions with Atlas Systems!

We understand healthcare provider’s tremendous pressure to modernize and innovate while minimizing costs and increasing efficiencies. Our healthcare IT managed services help organizations unlock the full potential of data to provide scalable, consistent results to achieve their business goals. Our people, processes, and systems can help you discover and implement solutions and services to make your healthcare organization smarter.