Most businesses in today’s competitive world are hiring Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (VCISO) with IT helpdesk support for managing data remotely and at an affordable price. Just like the in-house team, the virtual counterparts assist in planning, strategic designing, and providing industry knowledge needed for modern data security and information security. These practices can help offer security against the complication and increasing frequency of cyberattacks. 

What is a Virtual CISO?

A virtual CISO is an expert who operates remotely and is experienced in developing strategies, drawing insights and setting strategies for increasing cybersecurity throughout the entire organization. The virtual CISO is similar to the in-house team but provides more affordable solutions remotely. 

What Is the Role of Virtual CISOs?

A virtual CISO assists in safeguarding the IT infrastructure of an organization through different strategies. These are used to enhance cybersecurity while reducing costs at the same time. Here are some of the tasks that virtual CISOs perform:

  • Reviewing and rechecking the present security procedures and policies. 
  • Running regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans. 
  • Producing and executing incident response plans. 
  • Securing compliance with industry regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc. 
  • Giving suggestions for strengthening or replacing the existing security tools and resources.   

Notable Benefits of Hiring Virtual CISOs

Most companies can obtain significant benefits from virtual CISOs compared to maintaining an in-house department. The advantages of a virtual CISO can be observed across multiple industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing to technology. The main reason behind this is the versatility of virtual CISO services and the fact that cybersecurity looks similar throughout markets. 

Here are some key reasons why companies should hire virtual CISOs:


  • The Time Factor

Time is essential, and hiring a new CISO and training them for the job is time-consuming. Hiring a virtual CISO is the ideal alternative as they can be engaged quickly, do not require extensive training, and yield speedy results. 

  • The Cost Factor

If you run a small or medium-sized business, there is no need to maintain an in-house CISO team. You can cut down on the expenses and fulfill your IT helpdesk support needs by hiring a virtual CISO. 

  • Informed Decision-Making 

A virtual CISO can analyze and offer insights into cybersecurity threats, allowing authorities to make more informed and data-driven decisions. Companies that do not have CISO support concentrate more on financial threats and do not pay any attention to cybersecurity risks. It can enhance the vulnerability of a business to security threats. 

  • Offer Reliability & Deep Experience 

With significant experience in handling the design, implementation, and management of security programs, virtual CISOs generally provide a wide range of abilities and knowledge across industries. They can also ask their peers for advice and solutions. 

  • Stretch Resources

A virtual CISO associated with a reliable IT help desk provider can assist businesses efficiently and provide cost-effective solutions while fulfilling security leadership roles. Enterprises can fill a vacancy of CISO by hiring a virtual CISO, which resolves administrative hiring issues and reduces expenses. Another way in which virtual CISOs can expand resources is that businesses have to pay only for the services they take for a particular period. They can use the skills and knowledge of internal security teams and their external peers and industry partners to increase security measures without additional cost. 

  • Enhance Efficiency

A virtual CISO can assist in boosting productivity across the enterprise. They help reduce the task of managing in-house employees and facilitate activities such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and organizing employee training and awareness programs. 

  • Execute Policies & Planning

While IT staff have the technical tools to monitor technology stacks and networks, they frequently face issues such as time shortage and lack of training for devising strategies, policies, and planning for supervising threats. A virtual CISO provides your business with quick compliance with regulations.   

  • Increase Compliance

Businesses that do not have a CISO might also require assistance in discovering the intricacies of regulatory compliance. Whether your organization must generate an overall compliance program or modify the current policies for new regulations, a virtual CISO can offer the required assistance to finish the job. 

  • Closer Monitoring of Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Needs

Having multiple CISOs can help better monitor cybersecurity needs compared to single personnel. Even if one person takes a day off, others are there to fill in the gap and provide round-the-clock IT support. This way, businesses can better inspect their cybersecurity needs, and there is a greater possibility of spotting security breaches. 

  • No Conflict of Interest

An internal CISO might be forced to abide by the IT executive’s security suggestions to keep them happy. A virtual CISO need not consider satisfying the IT executives and does not have to fear the consequences. Virtual CISOs have their own experiences and come up with their solutions, collectively focusing on providing the best solutions per your business needs.

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