Snowflake Database Services from Atlas Systems

Snowflake Database Services from Atlas Systems

Snowflake Database Service is an analytic data warehouse provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that runs completely on cloud infrastructure. There’s no hardware or software to select, install, configure, or manage, so it’s ideal for organizations that don’t want to dedicate resources for setup, maintenance, and support of in-house servers. Snowflake architecture allows storage and computes to scale independently and provides a lot of flexibility for companies to reduce operational costs.

Get the most from Snowflake with an expert team from our Consulting Services

Our team has the technical expertise to implement your Snowflake implementation quickly and efficiently. Talk to us about your specific needs, and we will provide you with an action plan of how we can assist.

Services from Atlas include:

  • Data migration and transformations
  • Snowflake performance tuning and design
  • Ongoing managed services
  • Snowflake Data Lake Implementation
  • Snowflake Remote DBAs

Snowflake’s Features

What does snowflake do?


  • Scale-Up for performance and Scale-Out for Concurrency, with no downtime
  • Independent open-ended scalability of computes and storage
  • Scales down during slow times for cost savings

Performance & Concurrency

  • Up to 200 times faster than other similar offerings
  • Load data and query at the same time with no contention
  • Adapts automatically based on query activity and concurrency

Store both Structured and Semi-Structured data together

  • Quickly bring in and analyze new data sets
  • Data Scientists can react quickly to new signals in JSON data
  • Easily handle changes to the format of the data


  • Comparable for Amazon S3 per TB storage costs
  • Zero Clone eliminates the need for separate environments; pay only once for the master copy
  • Compute Costs – billed per second of usage based on credits per hour

Data Protection and Back Ups, DR & HA

  • Eliminate the need to manage servers; Replicated 3+ ways across data centers
  • Reduce overhead by eliminating backup processes
  • Time Travel – reduce recovery time from hours or days to seconds

Security & Encryption

  • End-to-End Encryption, at rest and in motion
  • No need to manage complex security models


  • Near Zero Administration
  • No Indexes or tuning required